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Language of Letting Go: Codependency Meditations app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4432 ratings )
Health & Fitness Book
Developer: BookMobile
6.99 USD
Current version: 2.2.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 29 Mar 2011
App size: 6.37 Mb

Find inspiration anywhere, at any time, with Hazelden Publishing’s Language of Letting Go app featuring all 366 daily meditations from the best-selling meditation book by popular self-help author Melody Beattie. These daily messages help those who struggle with the issue of codependency find inner peace and the strength to take care of themselves.

What Users Are Saying:

“I read from this app daily and it is always helpful. I am so thankful for these daily readings.”

“A perfect way to start and end my day. And it goes with me wherever I go!”

“Excellent App! I have my daily affirmation at my fingertips no matter where I am. I would definitely recommend this app! I love that the reading for today shows up without having to search for it.”

“I’ve found these to be very useful. The right amount of message to begin my day with or peek at during the day when I need to get out of my own thought patterns. Very easy and helpful.”

PRESS the “Today” button to access today’s message.
SWIPE forward or back to easily access more daily messages.
SHARE the daily messages with friends through an automated sync to your e-mail or text.
BOOKMARK your favorite meditations (press the star in upper right-hand corner) and easily return to them (press the star in the bottom toolbar).
SEARCH all 366 daily messages by keyword.
RECEIVE a notification every day to remind you to read the daily message.
JUMP to a specific meditation using the calendar button.
SHAKE your device to bring up a random message of inspiration and support.
CUSTOMIZE the size of the font presented for reading ease.

Codependency—the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another—has rung true for millions around the globe, whether they have an ill parent, alcoholic spouse, or a sick child. By integrating her own life experiences and fundamental recovery reflections, Melody Beattie helps readers take responsibility for their own pain and self-care as she encourages them to remember that each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal.

Pros and cons of Language of Letting Go: Codependency Meditations app for iPhone and iPad

Language of Letting Go: Codependency Meditations app good for

It is fantastic to be able to have these readings literally in my pocket when ever I need them! Thank you Hazelden!
List of great things about it no more carrying round book when traveling its always in my pocket no more missed reading thank you
I love this book!!! I have made a point to start my day in solitude and read the daily verse. It clears my head of the junk and reminds me to live the day in a positive healthy manner. Just what the doctor ordered-seriously!!! Ive recommended it to a good friend who loves it too!!!! Thanks for the inspiration to get it together :)
A timeless classic. Great to have on my phone for a reading in times of serenity and in times of stress!
I read this book everyday, and it is helping me reclaim my life!
This book has changed my life... With this app I can have the healing loving words of support with me all day.

Some bad moments

This is my daily inspirational. It has helped me through so many difficult times.
This is a wonderful daily reading for co-dependents and really for anyone. Whoever put this together did an excellent work! I love it. I counsel women with co-dependency issues. I recommend the book/app to them and read the page of the day to them. My gratitude to all responsible.
I think this book is fantastic I want to favorite every page.
Somehow it is always the reading you really need on a given day.
Ive owned the book in print for several years and love having this app on my phone. I always have my phone with me and it comes in handy to have inspiration in my back pocket when I need it.
Five stars in waiting for two improvements. Without the improvements Id almost rather not even use the app despite the wonderfully inspired content. 1) The big problem: change the software so that when you leave and return to the app, that you return to the same page or place - instead of to the Hazelden page for awhile… and then the book title page for awhile… and then the Today page… and then have to re-do my search to find where I was… from lengthy lists…. Its sooo time-consuming and frustrating. Any interruption to a reading causes this setback and, on a iPhone and with busy-ness always, there are many interruptions and distractions. Please please please fix this. 2) The big suggestion: allow highlighting of content.

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